Selecting Your Antivirus

What To Look Out For While Selecting Your Antivirus?

Everything needs a safety system to keep it secure from all the things that can attack it. Just as your home needs a lock, so does your computers or your smartphones need a security system, in addition to locking it with passwords. Computers and smartphones are constantly subjected to viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other malicious elements that may not only ruin your system but also steal your personal data. Hence, in order to keep your system safe, you need to protect it using a good antivirus.

Earlier, decisions could be made easily, as options available in your region were limited. However, with advancements in technology and the internet, options for any problem are several and this, in turn, affects your decision-making process. The same is the case while selecting an antivirus package. Ten years ago, you would have probably heard about two or three antivirus companies, out of which probably one would have been readily available with the nearest dealer. Nevertheless, things are different now. Today, several antiviruses providing companies are present around the world with each offering different value-added packages, where the basic plan is free to attract customers and the higher upgrades come at a price. So, how then do you know which one antivirus is the best for you or which will best fit your needs? For this, you need to have a clear understanding of what each antivirus has to offer and what is it that you are looking for. This article will share some tips regarding how to select the right antivirus for your system.

Check what features are provided in the antivirus when you buy a new PC but do not settle for it

Most of the time when you buy a new PC, the dealer installs an antivirus package. It may look good because why not, you have saved some money by getting it installed for free. However, do not settle for what is free. It is not that free is under-valued but just that sometimes it may not suit your needs. Moreover, many of this software may be installed for a limited period, say, for instance, a one month or three month or maybe even a six month free trial period, after which you might be required to pay. It is the dealer’s way of pushing his preferred antivirus company to his customers, as the dealer gets a commission. Therefore, do not just settle for what is given it to you for free. Rather, do your share of research, because who knows you might come up with something even better for the same or lesser price.

Check if the antivirus provides e-mail and internet/web protection

The most important expectation from an antivirus is that it should be able to protect your e-mail account and protect your system while you are connected to the web. The antivirus software should be able to screen all your e-mail attachments even before you click to open them. Moreover, it should also be able to do a quick check of all the webpage before you load it. This will help to keep your system safe and free from any unwanted viruses or Trojans from attacking your system. Moreover, it will also protect you against e-mail spoofing and phishing.

Check if the antivirus package offers multiplatform and multiservice licenses

Gone are the days where one family owns one computer and one phone. Today, every member of the family has a laptop and a smartphone. Therefore, it is only natural that you install an antivirus in each system. However, this adds to your cost and most people hesitate to give in. Nevertheless, what will be a better option is that if your antivirus software could be installed in more than one device, that is, you pay for one antivirus protection but you get to install it in other computers including your smartphone. That is value-addition.

Check other customer reviews

These days, it is important to understand the performance everything even before they are actually purchased. What better way is there to achieve this than getting to know details from the people who have actually used the product. You could browse through different customer reviews or talk to friends who have used antivirus software and find out what they feel about the antivirus software that you have selected. True experiences will help you eliminate a few choices that you must have compiled and helped you to select the best one in terms of performance.

Do a trial run

Most antivirus software offers a free trial period. Some offer one month while some may offer three months. This is a good time to truly understand the performance of the software and check if it actually suits your needs. Moreover, it is the best way for you to make a decision.

Pay only for what you absolutely need

Lastly, review the payment part. As mentioned earlier, every antivirus company offers different package types, out of which one is a free plan, while two or three others are paid plans with additional upgrades and special features. Anything that costs more does not necessarily mean it is better and similarly not everything that is cheap necessarily mean it is of no use. For this, you need to weigh each option. The purpose of each plan is to detect the virus and find out defective programs. Additional features basically include password managers, parental controls, online storage, or backup software. Hence, you need to gauge whether or not the extra features will benefit you or not. For instance, there is no use paying for parental control if you have no children at home. Alternatively, if you already have a backup planned for your data, then neither will the backup software be useful. However, if you are in the habit of misplacing data, then online storage could come in handy. Hence, you need to decide which the better option is and pay for the features that you only need. Therefore, be wise when you choose your antivirus software, as it will help you stay safe.