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How To Protect Data On Your Personal Computer?

Gadgets like laptops, personal desktop computers, and mobiles are very commonly used nowadays. We see a lot of people using these devices on a day to day basis. From school, college students to elders everyone make use of these devices for purposes like studying, paying bills, connecting with their friends and families and so on. Most of the times all these tasks are done using internet services and hence knowing or unknowingly these gadgets are exposed to the cyber world. There could be a lot of circumstances happening behind the scenes that we may not be aware of. We think we are using the secure ways to do our transactions but it may not be true always.


What is Security Software?

Security software is created to keep the data and information on your devices safe from cyber attacks. It identifies, prevents, stops and repairs the harm caused by these attacks on your computer or the entire network. Security software work as the shield that prevents the attacks from harming your data on the pc; limits the damage of the attack and in case they reach their target then identifying the damage caused so it can be repaired. People may find the concept of computer security very complicated and technical, but there are ways to protect your pc from harm by following simple precautions.

Precautions to avoid attacks on your personal computer:

 Use Anti-Malware and Antivirus: Bottom-line is, no matter how cautiously we use the internet, it is always beneficial to use antivirus. Every now and then we hear about new Antivirus claiming to be the best in the market. We read articles on how some other security software is ideal for the personal computers. You can choose the antivirus software based on your requirements for the security and usability. Home-based users that use the internet for basic purposes can use an Antivirus that provides safety against basic threats while advanced users that visit various internet sites should use stronger antivirus with additional features.

Using Anti-malware applications along with the antivirus provides additional security against ill-disposed software that may not always be identified by the antivirus. Malicious applications like advertisements and page-redirecting can work as network filters that are not viruses but no one wants them. You can stop them by using the Anti-malware applications. With this Anti-malware and Antivirus combination, you can secure your pc from a lot of threats.

Enable Automatic Updates: Everyone uses a lot of software applications on their personal computers every day. Even after the precautions, this software is likely to face security concerns. These security concerns can be noticed in many common applications like our browsers and other applications like words documents etc. The operating systems or creators of these applications are constantly working on closing these security issues by providing updated versions of the application. Hence, it is important to download these updated versions as soon as they are available. By setting the auto-update on, you can allow these updates to download in the background without waiting for your input every time. People may find the auto updates little irritating as usually, we have to restart our pc after updates and cannot be possible always, but for better security, it is highly recommended to keep the auto updates on.

 Using Strong Passwords: Everyone knows the passwords are very important but we may not realize if our password is really strong or not. We may think that passwords are known only to us and hence use simple and common passwords that could be cracked easily. People tend to use simple dates like their birthdates for assuming no one might be able to guess them, but with the increased use of social media, nothing you post on these platforms is actually safe. Many people tend to use the same password so that they don’t have to remember different passwords for different applications, not realizing that if their password is hacked, the hacker gets access to all of the accounts. It is important to use long and different passwords for every service you use. Setting a password on your personal computer can also prevent a lot of attacks. Protecting your computers and mobile devices using passwords can also prevent access to the applications that are already logged in. It might slow down the process of accessing the computer or mobile device for every access but it will definitely put away a lot of threats to your data.

 Precaution while downloading new programs and software:

This might sound very simple but sometimes we need to be very sure before downloading any programs. It is recommended to download programs from trustworthy and official websites of the related software. With a lot of malware threats, there is a possibility of accidentally downloading some unwanted software. Even when searching for software programs to download, it is important to verify if we are downloading it from the actual websites and are not redirected to some other websites from where we end up downloading incorrect programs. Downloading pirated versions can also be harmful and hence should not be practiced.

Opening links in the emails: We often receive emails from sources unknown to us. Though we can be careful not to open any emails from these sources, there is a possibility that you receive an email from someone you know with malicious links. The friends and families email accounts could be infected and we might open email from them thinking they are genuine but might end up opening malicious links. Hence, it is important to be sure before opening any links even from the known sources, best not to open any link you think may not be safe. Usually, if you hover over these links they should show the destination links in your browser window. Verifying the destination links before clicking on these links can prevent you from reaching unknown destinations.

It is possible to lessen the security threats to our personal computers and in turn on our data by using the various security programs available in the market. Along with that, one should be cautious when storing the data on the computers. Our data can be a lot safer if we follow some basic precautions and make use of the security software programs.