PC Security Software That Keeps Your Computer Safe From Malware

Using PC security software has become a prerequisite these days. Computer security applications can safeguard you from a variety of viruses, spyware, trojans and other types of malware that can creep into your system. Installing system security suite offers insulation from hackers too thus minimizing risks associated with data loss and data theft.

Without implementing adequate safety measures, your computer may become vulnerable to a number of online and offline malware and security threats. This may lead to various problems, and your valuable data may get lost. In fact, the repercussions of a malware infection can be more far-reaching than you can think. Instances of people facing online crime charges and facing huge monetary losses are two common examples of malware invasions.

Lets have a look at the various types of security software that are available.

  • Antivirus software protects against viruses
  • Firewall software protects networks from unauthorized access
  • Internet security software protects against various internet threats
  • Backup software makes backups of important files
  • Vulnerability scanner assesses PCs and networks for weaknesses
  • Password manager saves passwords
  • Anti-spyware protects against spyware
  • Anti-malware protects against various types of malware
  • Anti-keylogger software protects against keyloggers
  • Anti-botnet software protects against botnets
  • Anti-trojan software protects against Trojans
  • E-mail security software protects e-mail from various threats
  • Anti-phishing software protects against phishing
  • Registry cleaner software removes redundant files from Windows registry
  • Parental control software monitors and controls what kids do with their PC
  • Intruder detection software monitors networks for suspicious activities
  • Cryptographic software encrypts files
  • Sandbox software allows you to securely test untrusted programs
  • Removal software tool to remove unwanted software
  • Network monitoring software helps administrators to monitor their network
  • Registry scanner scans your Windows registry

Basic computer security applications to use

While there are numerous such applications, PC security software selection may be a tad baffling for you, if you are buying such an application for the first time. If you are a home user with basic computing needs, antivirus software can suit your usage needs. However, users who spend a lot of time online can select a suitable antivirus with a firewall. A firewall application can thwart hidden intrusion attempts on your computer on both the software and hardware level.

Antivirus software scans your computer at all times to detect any suspicious activity that may compromise on safety. It detects malware and eliminates them. To ensure adequate protection against newer strains of malware, updating your antivirus application regularly is a must. You can set your security software to scan your hard drive, removable drives, as well as all emails.

Advanced PC security software with extensive protection and system optimizing

Advanced users, who have more than one computer or spend plenty of time online, should opt for security software that offers extensive malware protection and system monitoring. This is where the Internet Security suites come into the picture. An Internet security suite offers malware protection, firewall, several system monitoring and tweaking features. Some suites come with added features like spam protection, data backup and registry tweaking.

While comprehensive security and PC performance optimizer software may cost more, it offers better protection. Besides, with extra features, it eliminates the need for separate software for password management or phishing protection. You get adequate protection from various malware variants and experience lag-free performance in daily computing tasks.

Additional safety And usability in PC Security Software

Apart from fighting malware intrusions, some system security suites offer advanced network monitoring features. These apps help you keep a tab on all ports in your computer, with provisions of blocking specific ports. Some apps offer a virtual environment called a sandbox to keep threats away.

The following articles tell you more about the different security software, which of them are mandatory and which of them are optional, what to consider when selecting an app and how to find the best possible security software solution for your needs.

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