Crucial Internet Safety Information For Everybody

Crucial Internet Safety Information

The more time you and your family spend online, the more important Internet safety becomes to your household. Internet threats affect both adults and children, and some threats can have life-altering consequences.

You always need to protect your best interests when you surf the Web. But... do you really know what kind of safety threats exists and how to protect yourself?

Are you familiar with concepts like phishing scams, pharming attacks, drive by downloads or social engineering? Do you know how these internet safety threats let hackers steal thousands of dollars from cash-strapped families?

In case that you answer one or more of these questions with no it´s about time to get familiar with them. Why, you might ask? Because concepts like these form the foundation of each possible computer attack you may face in future.

You might think that understanding all those concepts is too complex and that internet safety is too difficult to understand. But don´t worry. I will use my 30 years of computer experience to explain each of those topics to you in an understandable way and show you how to stay on the safe side.

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A few simple but easy to implement Internet safety tips:

The easiest way for hackers to access your computer is by tricking you into installing their software, so be careful before you install any programs on your computer. Be sure software comes from a reputable source and that your anti-virus software approves of it.

Also ensure that your anti-virus software or any other pc security software you're using is current. If your anti-virus subscription has run out, renewing it should be a top priority—too many new viruses are released every day to risk running old security software.

For that reason you should consider to change or upgrade your anti-virus software immediately if your current product does not support automatic antivirus signature updates.

If hackers do get your financial information, you can be sure that they’re going to use it. So monitor your credit card and bank statements to make sure there are no charges you didn’t authorize.

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