All About Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are a PC owner's worst nightmare. There are many different viruses and some are more harmful than others, but they all have one thing in common: they easily spread from computer to computer, and once your system has been infected, you need to get rid of it to reduce any risks.

Basically, it's a computer program and it's often hidden in a file that moves from PC to PC. They can disguise themselves as innocent documents or other file types and install themselves on your system once the file is opened.

When it ends up on your system, it can...

  • take up disk space and influence your system's performance
  • and worse, create havoc inside your PC by deleting and/or “stealing” sensitive data.

In the early days of computing all malicious software was called a virus. Nowadays computer viruses represent only a small subset of malicious software (also known as malware) but many people speak of computer viruses if they found any kind of malware on their computer.

Antivirus software is the most common tool to fight infection and is in most cases, very effective. But beware, for some types of malware, such as rootkits, you might need specialized applications.

It is often stated that computer viruses are a “Windows problem”. Virus authors want their program to be effective as possible and thus it makes sense to them to write a malicious software program especially for Microsoft Windows, which is the world's most popular operating system.

However, other operating systems such as Apple's Mac OS X and Linux are not immune to viruses. They can become the carrier of malware and distribute it to Windows systems they communicate with. Programmers of malware have also started to write viruses for Mac OS X and GNU / Linux. Today is also recommended antivirus software to buy for Mac OS X.

The following articles tell you more about all kinds of viruses and malware, how they work, how to detect and how to remove them.

What Is Malware
To know what is malware and how it can harm computers, it is important to know about its several variants.

What Are Computer Viruses
Irrespective of the reason you use computers for, it is important to know what viruses are and how they can affect your computing experience.

Different Types Of Viruses
There are different types of viruses, and they can infect computers in several ways.

What Is A Rootkit
Nowadays, computer users need to be aware of various types of malware, including rootkits.

What Is A Botnet
To understand what is a botnet, it is necessary to know more about the source of its name.

Notorious Virus Names
Let's review some of the PC virus names that made headlines.

List Of Viruses
No matter how cautious computer users are, malware creators seem to find new ways to make powerful viruses and spread them.

Virus Symptoms Not To Ignore
Virus symptoms are not always easy to recognize. This list will help you stay alert.

How To Remove A Virus From A Computer
You found out your PC has been infected. Now how to remove this virus?

A Dive Into History
Viruses have been around from the days of DOS and even earlier, but after the 1990s, they became a potent threat due to the popularity of the internet and removable media.

How To Remove Malware
To clean a malware infected PC, users need to learn how to remove malware and detect its presence.

Rootkit Removal
Important: rootkit removal is not recommended for newbies.

Botnet Protection Measures PC Users Can Adopt
With computer technology advancing at breakneck speeds, PC users need to safeguard their computers from botnets.

Botnet Detection: How You Can Trace Zombie Network Invasions
Knowledge that can save you from losses and hassles in long run.

Computer Virus Encyclopedia Top 4
A virus encyclopedia is a great source to refer to in case a virus or malware infects your computer.

Virus Removal Service - All You Need To Know
A virus removal service can save you from much trouble in case of a computer virus infection.

What Is A Keylogger?
With so much being discussed about keyloggers, keystroke loggers or keylogging software on the same lines as data theft, it's an obvious question.

How To Prevent, Detect And Remove A Trojan Computer Virus

A Trojan Computer Virus or a Trojan horse is a software program that looks genuine, legitimate, useful and harmless, but instead has a malicious intent.

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