Top 8 Guidelines To Follow When Purchasing The PC Security Software

Sure, the Internet is a boon, as it has transformed our lives for the better by helping us to accomplish so many things, irrespective of the time or our location! But, unfortunately, there are also a few drawbacks associated with the internet, of which the privacy or the security of the system is of great concern! Undoubtedly, the Internet is the current favorite spot for the looters, as there is so many information floating unguarded, capturing which these invaders can gain more money shamelessly! While the act of these hackers is to be condemned severely, the reality is, we cannot forever restrict the growth of these criminals, unless and until we become more responsible and more vigilant by guarding us and our system with the best software security solution! Yes, no matter, whether you are a Windows-user or an iOS-user, every internet user on this planet requires the utmost protection in the name of security software aka antivirus, which can be procured perfectly by following these top 8 important guidelines!

The Top 8 Security Software Buying Guidelines


Of course, for what purpose you are buying the software if not for the much-needed all-inclusive protection? Hence, this should be your prime consideration while buying the software security solution for your PC, without any doubt! Well, although the software is known popularly as the antivirus, it is more than that and should include protection against the following common threats!

Viruses – a malicious program that can multiply itself quickly and infect the computer dangerously!

Worms – When you have security loopholes, these malicious programs known as the worms take advantage of those and infect your computer! The difference between the viruses and the worms are the former executes upon you running an infected file, while the latter can spread by themselves by sensing the security malfunctions.

Trojans – Masquerading themselves as some genuine files, these trojans trick you to download and execute them with the only intention of opening the gate to other malware.

Adware – Though might not be malicious, the adware aka advertisement programs that run on your web browser or other places on your PC can inhibit the performance of your PC dangerously.

Spyware – As the name suggests, these malicious programs’ only intention is to spy you aka collect information about you and send it to the greedy hackers.

Network Threats – An hacker can attack your PC from remotely and therefore, to avoid such serious threats, the firewall protection is much-needed for your PC, any day!

Web Threats – Before you regret the idea of having visited a website with malicious contents, your security solution must react ahead and prevent you from doing so, in where lies the superiority of the solution!


Money might not be a constraint for you but, unfortunately, it is a constraint for so many of them and hence, it is one of the top deciding factors while choosing the best software security solution for your PC! There are few free solutions that are decently good but, again, come with the annoying threats called adware and perhaps, spyware too! Also, if you are an extensive Internet user then, relying on these decent, free solutions might not be adequate, and in that case, the comprehensive benefit of the paid antivirus solutions come as the best rescue. Hence, understand your situation and accordingly, go with a security solution that does not burn your wallet!


Thanks to the evolving software technology, no longer the antivirus software solutions are considered the intrusive solutions that hinder the performance of your system! But, still, a security software should do so much work to ensure the complete protection of your system and therefore, for the sake of speed do not compromise on the security factor! It is wise to choose an antivirus software that also offers the ‘quick scan’ solution to help you save your time and energy on those days that are not suitable for the time-involving full scan procedure!


You might be a windows-user now but, in the future, nobody is stopping you from becoming a mac-user or adding a mac-laptop to your family of gadgets! While there is no harm in your intention, always, understand the type of operating system you use, its version, and other requirements and software running on it to ensure that you end up buying only the compatible antivirus software! If not, the complete security of your system is again, a question mark here, as the incompatible security solution might render your system vulnerable to the threats!


All of us are not nerds here and that doesn’t stop us from using the internet or the PC! Therefore, while choosing the antivirus solution, ensure that it is very user-friendly, even for the casual PC users like us. From ease-of-navigation to user-friendly documentation, everything you should expect from the security solution for a hassle-free usage!

Free Trial

The security of your PC is not any simple thing and therefore, before relying on a specific antivirus software, the expectation of yours to experience the look and feel of the software is only genuine and this case, you can go for those reliable solutions that offer ‘Free Trial’ service for a stipulated period of time! But, understand, the free trial might not include every feature and is only for you to understand the basic working of the software the better!

The customer support

Although you cannot expect so much of a freedom in this department when it comes to the free security software solution, still, they can render the basic support, such as rectifying problems related to installation, performance issues and so on. On the other hand when it comes to the paid service, only choose that service that has a reputation for treating the queries and worries of the customers on time, all the time! Also, they must be punctual in notifying the underlying issues, if any, updates and so on to the customers without fail!

Real-time scanning

If you are a heavy internet-user then, this option seems more appropriate for you, as the security software runs in the background, at the scheduled times to accommodate for the real-time scanning and information procedures. You can also appropriately pause the software and therefore, this option saves you from otherwise frequently booting up the software in the name of ensuring the PC protection!